In 2011 the Cambridge Center for Adult Education — in collaboration with the Somerville Arts Council, the Cambridge Arts Council, Cambridge Local First, and Somerville Local First — ran a pilot program called CSArt. CSArt builds on the model of community supported agriculture, getting the work of artists in Somerville and Cambridge into the hands of people who want to buy "local." Rather than vegetables, fish, or dairy products, CSArt shareholders receive original works of art created by nine local artists selected to participate in the program out of a pool of more than 75 applicants.

Drawing inspiration from earlier works created as part of the on-going Sewn City Collection Grace created 50 original pieces for the CSArt, each one depicting a different scene from around Cambridge & Somerville. Each piece was created by first hand dyeing yards of white cotton with a delicate gradation of blues. The dyed fabric was then cut into individual pieces and silk-screened with one of 10 different images of houses drawn from original photographs. A unique pattern of intersecting power lines was machine sewn over each house, the telephone poles were applied using acrylic paint pressed through hand-cut stencils, and the finished work was finally stretched over a wooden frame. The resulting finished pieces were distributed out to 50 lucky CSArt shareholders at a “Harvest Party” held in September.